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Getting a professional photographic photo shoot is a unique and special occasion, so it is important to prepare for your session so that you get the most out of it. When you make your booking, let us know of any ideas you may have for your photo session, so that we can help you prepare for it.

If you are getting our glamour portrait package, to achieve the best results for your session, we ask you to come to your session with your hair washed and dried a moisturized face and wearing no makeup; our professional hair stylist and make-up artist will create a gorgeous look that suits you. Please bring along about 3 different outfits, jewelry, accessories or anything special to you so that we can create different looks in your session, giving you a variety to choose from. If you have seen any particular shot somewhere that you would like us to recreate for you, please bring the picture along with the appropriate clothing and accessories and we will help you create the desired look.

For group shoots, we think it’s best to wear outfits that match together with similar style and tone, plain colors with no distracting patents or logos will create the best looks. For your individual shoots, you can bring anything you like, whether you are looking for a glamorous, classic, corporate, casual, lingerie or boudoir style, we will capture you in your best assets creating beautiful photographs you will cherish

With children and babies we ask you that they are fed, changed and well rested for the best possible shots in the allocated time. Remember when making appointments to make it out of their sleep times etc. Bring bottles, drinks, dummy’s, snacks and also all their outfits and accessories for their photo shoot. We remain casual and relaxed so the little ones remain happy, and being prepared with all of the above will make things run a lot smoother- although they do have minds of their own, and almost every shoot they will need a few little breaks in between and this is perfectly fine!


Once you have booked a shoot with Leonie, You will recieve some more information on how to prepare for your shoot. Depending on what shoot you have booked.

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